Cultural and Professional Instructors

The Queen Contestants are awarded various cultural classes in which they learn about their Japanese heritage and gain a better understanding of the values and customs associated with these traditions. Additionally, professional development classes are provided to prepare the Queen Contestants for public speaking, stage presence, interviewing and leadership opportunities. These classes take place during the six months of training before Festival Ball in March. We thank every instructor for their time, dedication to Japanese culture, and their willingness to share their knowledge.

Bon Odori - Betty Dela Cuesta, Hawaii Shin Kobukai
Taiko  - Kenny Endo, Taiko Center of the Pacific
Gyotaku - Naoki Hayashi, Gyotaku by Naoki
Kimono - Yuko Miskolczy, Watabe Wedding Hawaii
Japanese American Identity - Dr. Dennis Ogawa
Tea Ceremony - Betty Okubo, Urasenke Foundation
Ikebana - Roy Otaguro, MOA Hawaii
Calligraphy - Hiromi Peterson, Toka Shodo
History of the Cherry Blossom Festival  - Sakura Hawaii Alumnae
Aikido - Randolph Scoville, Nu'uanu Aikido Club
Manju Making and Origami - Lillian Yajima
Makeup Application - Susan Panis, Shiseido
Japanese Business Etiquette - Asako Shimazu
Festival Ball Training Program - Pamela Futa-Campbell with Public Speaking Training - Jennifer Hong & Leilani Young and Visual Presentation Training - Renee Leong