Cultural and Professional Instructors

The Queen Contestants are awarded various cultural classes in which they learn about their Japanese heritage and gain a better understanding of the values and customs associated with these traditions. Additionally, professional development classes are provided to prepare the Queen Contestants for public speaking, stage presence, interviewing and leadership opportunities. These classes take place during the six months of training before Festival Ball in March. We thank every instructor for their time, dedication to Japanese culture, and their willingness to share their knowledge.



Randolph Scoville
Chief Instructor, 7th Dan of Hawaii Aikido Federation

Goal for Contestants: "We hope the Contestants gain an understanding of the Japanese martial art of aikido, which is a pathway to inner peace and harmony on Earth; an understanding that when mind and body are of equal strength, we begin to strength our ki for the purpose of helping others. Also, we'd like Contestants to learn some basic self-defense techniques."



Hiromi Peterson
Calligraphy Instructor of TOKASHODO calligraphy group at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii

Goal for Contestants: "Calligraphy is a very traditional Japanese art form. I would like all of the Contestants to experience writing the words that Japanese have valued through history using a brush and sumi on washi papers, and I hope they will carry these values with them in life."


Roy Otaguro
Kohrinka Instructor at MOA

Goal for Contestants: "Contestants are able to learn basic knowledge of ikebana through a hands on experience. They are also able to learn the kokoro behind the art of ikebana, the life force of the flowers, the beauty of the flowers and tap into the beauty themselves."

Japanese History

Dennis Ogawa, Ph.D.
Professor of American Studies at University of Hawaii at Manoa

Goal for Contestants: "To gain an understanding of the history, culture and ethnic identity of Japanese Americans in Hawaii."



Kenny Endo
Musician, Composer and Taiko Center of the Pacific Artistic Director

CBF Affiliation: Composed and directed the Queen Contestants opening taiko number, Sakura Daiko, since 1999

Goal for Contestants: "We hope to expose the Contestants to both traditional and contemporary Japanese drumming through a ten-week intensive course learning a composition, Sakura Daiko, and performing it at the Festival Ball. In the process, the Contestants learn basic kata (form), technique, energy, spirit, and music sense as well as teamwork, stage presence, and confidence.  Hopefully the Contestants, by participating in a specific art, will gain an appreciation and respect of all cultural art forms."

festival Training

Pamela Futa Campbell
Senior Director of Gala and Special Events at the American Heart Association

CBF Affiliation: 29th Cherry Blossom Festival First Princess

Goal for Contestants: "My goal for each Contestant is that they gain poise and confidence through learning skills taught in our comprehensive Festival Training program. I have brought in instructors to teach the contestants visual presentation and communication skills they will use for the Cherry Blossom Festival, and then later in their lives."

Communications Training
Patti Nakagawa


Communications Training
Nelson Nakagawa

Communications Training
Jennifer Hong

Visual Presentation Training
Renee Leong