Contestant Awards

The 67th Cherry Blossom Festival Queen Contestants will be awarded a variety of awards and prizes provided by our generous donors. Awards and prizes are subject to change.

Contestant Evening Gown for Festival Ball
Tom Kosasa & Mi Kosasa, 24th CBF Queen

Sterling Silver Cherry Blossom Pendant with Necklace
Holly Hayashi, 61st CBF General Chair

Sterling Silver Cherry Blossom Earrings
Trisha Akagi, 56th CBF Queen; Katherine M. Grebe, 18th CBF Queen; Kara Iwasaki, 54th CBF Princess & 64th CBF Co-General Chair; Laurie Toma Libarios, 43rd CBF Queen; Desiree Uyeda, 54th CBF Queen & 64th CBF Co-General Chair

Personalized CBF Jacket
Christin Lovell, 55th CBF Princess & 63rd CBF Co-General Chair; Tiffanie Masutani, 55th CBF Princess & 63rd CBF Co-General Chair and Erin Shiroma, 60th CBF contestant

Appearance Dress
Tori Richard, Ltd.

One Pound of 100% Kona Coffee
Country Samurai Coffee Company

Cultural Class
Lillian Noda Yajima

One-Year Membership to the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii
Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii

One-Year Membership to Sakura Hawaii Alumnae
Sakura Hawaii Alumnae

One-Year Membership to the Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce
Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce

Three-Year Subscription to Hawaii Pacific Press
Hawaii Pacific Press

Cultural Classes & Professional Development Training

The 67th Queen Contestants are award a number of Japanese cultural classes and professional development classes. Queen Contestants are also provided training and instruction in the use of kimono, makeup application, etiquette, poise, stage presence and public speaking. Classes are subject to change.

Aikido (Martial Arts)
Randolph Scoville
Nuuanu Aikido Club

Bon Odori (Dance)
Betty Dela Cuesta
Hawaii Shin Kobukai

Calligraphy (Art)
Hiromi Peterson
Toka Shodo

William Yeh

Festival Ball Training Program
Pamela Futa Campbell

Gyotaku (Fish Printing)
Naoki Hayashi
Gyotaku by Naoki

History of the Cherry Blossom Festival
Sakura Hawaii Alumnae

Ikebana (Flower Arranging)
Roy Otaguro
MOA Hawaii

Japanese Business Etiquette
Asako Shimazu

Japanese American Identity in Hawaii
Dr. Dennis Ogawa

Yuko Miskolczy
Watabe Wedding Corporation

Makeup Application
Darice Yokomichi-Uyeunten

Manju Making (Cooking) & Origami (Art)
Lillian Noda Yajima

Mochi Pounding
Kyle Kikuchi
Tenrikyo Hawaii Young Men’s Assoc

Okinawa Culture
Jon Itomura
Hawaii United Okinawa Association

Keaka Lee
The Pig and the Lady

Sushi Making
Shane Masutani
The Alley Restaurant

Taiko (Performance Art)
Kenny & Chizuko Endo
Taiko Center of the Pacific

Tea Ceremony
Hitoshi Murata
Urasenke Foundation

Visual Presentation
Marissa Machida


Note: All awards and prizes are subject to the fulfillment by the donor. The Cherry Blossom Festival (CBF) and the Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce (HJJCC) assume no responsibility for the failure of sponsors to fulfill their commitment. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable. CBF and the HJJCC disclaim liabilities for taxes, lost or stolen prizes.