We Couldn't Do It Without You

Over the years, the Cherry Blossom Festival has received tremendous support from outstanding individuals. It is their passion and dedication to perpetuating the mission of the Festival that keeps the spirit of our community alive. We extend our deep appreciation for the various supporters of the Cherry Blossom Festival.


The generosity of companies, organizations and individuals provide awards to the Queen Contestants, and members of the Court. Many of our donors have consistently given over many years, we express our sincere gratitude for their continued support.


One of the primary aspects of the Queen Contestant experience is the opportunity to participate in wide array of Japanese cultural classes that are provided by distinguished community members in their related fields expertise. Our instructors volunteer their time and share their areas of interest with the Queen Contestants, with hopes of expanding their knowledge of Japanese art, history, dance, cuisine, language and professional development. We thank these amazing individuals for all that they do for the Festival, and for our community.

U.S. Mainland Sister cherry blossom Festivals

The Cherry Blossom Festival maintains long-standing relationships with three U.S. mainland sister Festivals. Nisei Week Japanese Festival in Los Angeles, Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco, and the Greater Seattle Japanese Community Queen Pageant in Seattle. Court members and hospitality members from these cities travel, to Hawaii for Festival Ball in March, to represent their Festivals. In the spirit of aloha, these mainland Festivals host the Hawaii Court members and hospitality members at their respective events throughout the year. We look forward to the continuation of our sister Festival relationships and thank their hospitality committees for their hard work and dedication.

Japan Sister junior chamber Chapters

The Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce has built strong relationships with 5 sister chapters in Japan. The Kobe Junior Chamber, Odawara Junior Chamber, Kurashiki Junior Chamber, Kojima Junior Chamber and the Tamashima Junior Chamber. Each year, members of the Kobe Junior Chamber travel to Hawaii in March to participate in Festival Ball, and escort the Queen Contestants on stage during their evening gown phase. The Kurashiki, Kojima, and Tamashima Junior Chambers, collectively known as the SanJCs will visit Hawaii in April shortly after Festival Ball. In June, the Odawara Junior Chamber will visit Hawaii. These 5 sister chapters host the Cherry Blossom Festival Queen and Court, their parents, and members of the Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce during their Goodwill Trip to Japan every October. The amazing hospitality that these sister chapters extend to our Hawaii family is without comparison, and we express our deepest appreciation for their friendship.

Japan Cherry Blossom Association

The Japan Cherry Blossom Association was established to protect and preserve Japan's precious cherry blossom trees. Japan Cherry Blossom Queens and Princesses participate in cherry blossom festivals worldwide. Here in Hawaii, we are fortunate to be one of the many Festivals to have a relationship with JCBA. Every 2 years, the JCBA will send their Queen or Princess to participate in Festival Ball. During the October Goodwill Trip, our delegates have had the honor of visiting with JCBA in Tokyo, Japan.

Fujiyasu Kimono

A member of the Japan Cherry Blossom Association and long time supporter of the Cherry Blossom Festival, Fujiyasu Kimono began their sponsorship as a thank you to the people of Hawaii. After parts of Japan were devastated by World War II, the people of Hawaii sent many things to Japan to help its people during extremely difficult times. Fujiyasu Kimono has never forgotten the generosity of the people of Hawaii, and view their sponsorship as a way of giving back. We truly appreciate Fujiyasu Kimono's generosity and are very fortunate to receive a beautiful furisode kimono each year. Awarded to the Queen, she will humbly wear this kimono as she represented the Hawaii Japanese-American community at various events throughout her reign.

Cherry Blossom Festival Steering Committee

The Cherry Blossom Festival is coordinated by a dedicated group of volunteers, who year after year work tirelessly to bring the Festival to life. Many of the Steering Committee members are former Contestants, Queens and Court members who continue to contribute to the Festival. We applaud and commend their leadership and commitment to bringing the vision of the Festival to life.

Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

The Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the Cherry Blossom Festival. As one of the HJJCC's largest projects, the Festival serves as a professional development opportunity for HJJCC members who wish to experience leadership or functional aspects outside of their given professions. The Festival thanks the Board of Director for their guidance and support.

Friends of the Cherry Blossom Festival

There are many individuals who participate in various ways to support the Cherry Blossom Festival. We thank all of our friends who make this endeavor possible. Please accept our deepest appreciation, as we couldn't do it without each and every one of you.