64th Cherry Blossom Festival Steering Committee

The steering committee is comprised of dedicated and driven individuals who tirelessly volunteer their time and energy to coordinate one of the longest, continually running ethnic festival in the State of Hawaii. The Festival provides an amazing experience for the Queen Contestants and equally important, the Festival provides an opportunity for young professionals to develop and refine skills applicable to all areas of their career and personal lives.

Executive Area

Christin Lovell, Contestant Coordinator
Tiffanie Matsutani, Contestant Coordinator
Erin Shiroma, Contestant Advisor
Nate Gyotoku, Hospitality Chair
George Takase, Court Advisor
Corday Feagins, Sakura Hawaii Alumnae Liasion


Kara Iwasaki, Co-General Chair
Desiree Uyeda, Co-General Chair
Sydette Higuchi, Treasurer & Advisor
Kristin Alm, Sales Co-Chair
Cody Kim, Sales Co-Chair
Reid Chung, Donor Relations Chair
Lauren Horikoshi, Contestant Search Chair


Kaulana Chang, Golf Tournament Co-Chair
Kristine Wada, Golf Tournament Co-Chair
Mychal Hatae, Closing Ceremonies Co-Chair
Kellene Toshi, Closing Ceremonies Co-Chair
Sonya Kimura, Advisor

Ashley Higa, Opening Ceremonies Co-Chair
Leila Mitsunaga, Opening Ceremonies Co-Chair
Lori Higashi, Public Appearances Co-Chair
Eryn Kawamoto, Public Appearances Co-Chair
Reid Chung, Contestant Reception Co-Chair
Misha Maletta, Contestant Reception Co-Chair

Festival Area

Lisa Kitagawa-Akagi, Judging Co-Chair
Michelle Fujii, Violet Nimii Oishi Scholarship Chair
Catherine Toth Fox, Advisor

Crystine Ito, Festival Ball Co-Chair
Gina Maeda-Caluya, Festival Ball Co-Chair
Chelsea Okamoto, Silent Auction Chair
Trisha Akagi, Judging Co-Chair

Marketing Area

Chris Kwock, Photographer
Terri Inefuku, Public Relations
Kyson Morikuni, Website & IT
Holly Hayashi, Advisor

Andrew Pang, Souvenir Book Co-Chair
Ryan Nakawaga, Souvenir Book Co-Chair
Casie Fujihana, T-Shirt Chair
Kimberly Fujinaka, Haiku Art Contest Co-Chair
Marissa Machida, Haiku Art Contest Co-Chair