The Cherry Blossom Festival is a time-honored cultural tradition in Hawaii. The souvenir book is a collectors item piece that catalogs and memorializes the Festival as it has evolved over the years. T-shirts are designed each year to encompass the theme of the Festival.

66th CBF Souvenir Book


EVENT Order Forms

Please read the details on the event order forms carefully. For more information, inquiries or fulfillment of large orders, please contact the Cherry Blossom Festival Sales Coordinator at

Orders submitted using the no vote order forms available online will not be eligible for the Miss Popularity Contest. Please contact your Cherry Blossom Festival Contestant to ensure that your order is applied to the Miss Popularity Contest.



  • 5:00pm  8:00pm
  • 21 years and older only

Contestant Reception is a fun, entertaining, 21-and-over-only event. Guests enjoy heavy pupus, door prizes, and lucky draw contests.


Golf Tournament - Friday Feb. 23, 2018

  • 11:00am  7:00pm

Golfers enjoy a fun-filled tournament with food and snacks along the course. The event concludes with a dinner and awarding of prizes. 



Festival Ball - saturday MAr. 17, 2018

  • 4:30pm  10:30pm

The evening begins with the Western phase. Queen Contestants deliver a prepared speech while wearing an evening gown. During the Eastern phase, Queen Contestants answer an impromptu question while wearing a traditional furisode silk kimono. The evening ends with the crowning of the 66th Cherry Blossom Festival Queen and Court.

Individual tickets and tables will be available until capacity is reached.